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Beside you

Educational trust

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Street in Bo-Kaap in Cape Town

Our journey

Beside You Educational Trust, began in October 2018 arising within a bigger picture of establishing a REACH South Africa Church in Parow. The initial stages of our presence in Station arcade involved doing what is commonly known as a “contextual profile” or in business terms “market research”. For 6 months we endeavoured to discover who lived in the Parow area, and what was the social, economic and spiritual profile. Our research took us from the immediate vicinity of our location, to a 5km radius and then even further to a 25 km radius.

"Our lives begin to end

the moment we become silent

abouth things that matter"

Martin Luther King Jnr

In this process, we became very aware of the many social challenges and the great physical needs faced by the surrounding communities. Our desire is to holistically address many of the physical and emotional needs we are confronted with.

Beside You is an independent section 18A educational trust, that facilitates and oversees social action and sustainable community transformation within our Parow community.

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Our context

Parow, like many high density, impoverished urban communities in our country, is a broken, needy place.

The “Voortrekker road corridor” is one of the major industrial arteries flowing out of the Cape Town CBD. It has been earmarked for much development and many Urban renewal programs. Despite the fact that Parow lies along this artery, it has experienced years of neglect and urban decay. It has also seen a influx of residents, from all over Africa. The result is a very high density population in a concentrated space.

Station arcade in Parow, lies at the heart of this

vibrant, multi - ethnic community.

Voortrekker road has seen the construction of many student residences catering for nine tertiary education facilities within a 6 km radius, resulting in a marked increase of young people and students from rural communities all over South Africa. Many families in Parow live below the poverty line, resulting in a large number of vulnerable families and children. The daily struggle for essential needs, is exacerbated by rampant crime, and the community often lives in fear. Parow is an urban community that wrestles with many symptomatic social problems, such as prostitution, homelessness, drug addiction and un-employment.

"There is no greater power for change, greater than a community discovering what it really cares about"

Margaret J Wheatley

Syrian Refugees Listening to Announcement at Charity Collecting Point in Copenhagen Railroad Station
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Our vision

Beside you educational trust exists to see our community transformed through effective, contextual and sustainable solutions.

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"If opportunity

doesn't knock,

build a door"

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Our desire is to see every person treated with respect and dignity. Our goal is to journey with those in need, in a way that empowers them to take responsibility for their circumstances and create opportunities in their lives for change.

We endeavour to partner with various businesses, individuals and different social and civic organisations already at work in the greater Cape town area. The goal is to create, promote and manage sustainable, contextual, development initiatives within our community.


Let's work together to grow together
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What are we about in Parow?

  • The provision of poverty relief.
  • Community development for vulnerable, poor and needy persons and anti-poverty initiatives
  • Programs addressing needs in education provision, learning, teaching, training, curriculum and support,
  • Providing early childhood development services for pre-school children.

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Key focus areas

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"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity"

Albert einstein

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The beside you

siKunye Student centre

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“Your home

away from Home”

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SiKunye - "Together"

Every stage of our lives is a journey, better taken with others and done in community.

The Sikunye student centre is designed to be a place of togetherness. Our study space is a modern welcoming environment, that invites you in, and offers you safety and support along your journey.

The Sikunye centre offers

  • Individual Counselling and care
  • Study space with free internet access
  • Worker readiness programs
  • Various short courses, training and motivational workshops

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Youth unemployment currently stands at around 62.10 % in South Africa*.

Many young adults struggle to find a job. The effects on a person struggling with prolonged unemployment should never be underestimated. They are not only physically affected, but the spiritual and emotional effects can also be far reaching.

The goal of our JOB CLUBS is to create smaller accountability groups that meet on a weekly basis to encourage, support and provide opportunity for possible job placements.

*30 May 2022 @SABC news Naledi Ncobo

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Weekly Job clubs

The goal is that each JOB CLUB member will be paired with a mentor, be equipped to better market themselves, will be instilled with confidence to take the necessary steps in their career journey.

Through partnerships with existing NGO's and businesses, we will also endeavour to provide formal training opportunities as well as practical skills training for those faithfully attending our JOB CLUBS.

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homework assistance

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Twice a week after school we welcome children from our community into our homework club.

Volunteers assist our children with homework and reading and activities such as puzzle building, problem solving and chess are also on offer.

We aim to create a safe space conducive for learning, and our ever growing library and collection of puzzles also serve to develop our children educationally while having fun.

In 2024 we plan on providing a basic nutritional lunches for the children as they arrive. We also hope to extend our homework assistance to high school pupils.

Happy Children in Elementary School

“Education is the kindling

of a flame, not the filling of

a vessel.”


How can i get involved?

1] Contribute Financially to the Beside You Trust

South African children

For us to achieve this vision, we need partners who will invest financially in turning possibilities into reality.

Being a Section 18A trust, all financial and material contributions are tax deductible.

  • Invest in funding or alternately offering skills and material for the upgrading of our skills training centre
  • Contribute towards the monthly salary of a full time administrator and project manager and student worker.
  • Contribute towards the monthly running costs for our initiatives.

How can i get involved?

2]. Volunteering time and skills

Beside You relies purely on volunteers to assist and to serve in our various initiatives. We believe that every moment, even the smallest amount of time offered in effective service, can make a huge difference.

  • Volunteer as a tutor or homework assistant at our homework centre for grade 1 - 10. This initiative runs twice a week in the afternoons.
  • Volunteer as a mentor for one of our Job club members, this is a 1 on 1 journey with someone in their career journey.
  • Volunteer as a contributor to one of our Job club meetings - sharing and encouraging. from your work experience.
  • Volunteer your time, expertise and skills in helping us complete and maintain our facilities. or developing the skills of those in our initiatives.

Email Anneldi

to find out

about volunteering

Get in contact with us today

we would love you to be part of our journey

Beside You Trust chairperson :

Anneldi Van Rooyen

Bank: First National Bank

Account Name: The Beside You Trust

Account Type: Business Account

Account Number: 62843664253

Branch Name: Parow 022

Branch Code: 200510

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

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Lates news from Beside you

We love volunteers

What a joy it has been to have more volunteers joining us to assist our after school homework centre. We have been able ton run two afternoons a week at full capacity. The children from our community love the new reading corner we have established, and also challenging each other to games of chess on our new chess boards, after homework is done.

Student centre

Thanks to a recent generous donation we are able to complete our new student centre.

Our students will now be able to have a safe place to study and get support for their journey while away from home